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Wolverine Noir (2009)

by Stuart Moore(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 4
0785139451 (ISBN13: 9780785139454)
review 1: I never actually read this book. Never got to, that is. After reading Claremont/Miller's Wolverine story a year ago, I ordered this off Amazon, which is a film noir-style take on that same story. It came in the mail, and I was in the middle of a book, and didn't get around to reading this for about two weeks. After being excited and anticipating an awesome take on my favorite Marvel character (the cover is really badass), I opened it. Since it's a noir book, part of the gimmick is that it's printed on cheap pulpy paper. Because of that, somewhere between Amazon's warehouse and my doorstep, all of the inked words had worn off of the paper from the speechboxes. Every single fucking one. It looks like an incomplete comic book, just pictures and speechboxes but no words. I can... more tell that they were there, because when I hold a light directly over the page, you can somewhat see the ghost of where the letters were, but it's on almost every page, and absolutely unintelligible. I made a complaint with Amazon, but I guess I had reached a limit on how many days I had before I could return the book or something, because I never got a response. So there's ten bucks down the drain.I would recommend you not buy this, unless you wanna risk the possibility of throwing ten dollars on a picture book. If you're lucky enough to buy it and it actually be a normal copy, let me know how it was, I still want to read it. The dysfuntional copy still sits on my bookshelf next to the Claremont/Miller story, just because I'm too OCD to throw a book away.1/5
review 2: I’ve pretty much been a Wolverine fan my entire life, mostly because we both share the name Logan. But the man’s got a wild sense of righteousness and justice, not to mention the three claws of death that spike out his hands. Yes, Wolverine has always been a favorite Marvel character of mine, and when I saw the Marvel TPB collection of Wolverine Noir, I knew I’d have to read it.The story, written by Stuart Moore and beautifully illustrated by C.P. Smith, fits the pulpy noir style perfectly. Jim Logan, a rich kid that took a wrong turn, is Wolverine Noir 2a private detective, along with his partner Dog. The story opens with a mysterious woman entering the office and soliciting a job, which they take on immediately. Through detective work and flashbacks, the plot unfolds, leading up to a stunning and shocking conclusion.I really enjoyed this collection. The series ran only four issues, but I would easily read future releases. To me, the best thing about this collection was Smith’s artwork. It was very gritty and dark, commanding the reader to examine the pages and see what was lurking in the blacks. Logan’s character easily worked in this styled setting, from the way his “claws” looked to his unkempt and wild facial hair. Even though the Marvel noir series got mostly poor reception, I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve read, Spiderman Noir and Wolverine. There are a few other collections in this series my library has, X-Men and Daredevil, that I plan to read as well. If you’re interested in trying a familiar Marvel story with an unusual twist, I recommend checking out the Noir series, starting with this one. less
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loved this book; quick read; love the writing & art & cinematic noir style;
Better than X-Men Noir, but only because it had a more cohesive story.
nothin' special.
Bit pointless.
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