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Sins Of A Highland Devil (2011)

by Sue-Ellen Welfonder(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
0446561789 (ISBN13: 9780446561785)
Highland Warriors
review 1: “I have seen that peace will be had when innocents pay the price of blood and gold covers the glen.”This is Gorm’s prophecy to James, the laird of Clan Cameron regarding King Robert’s writ that the three clans of the Glen of Many Legends compete in a trail by combat to determine which Clan will be the sole inhabitant of the glen. Concerned over the king’s orders, two members of feuding Clans, a fiery redhead, Catriona MacDonald and proud, handsome James Cameron are drawn together. In the aftermath of the trail by combat when innocents paid the price of blood, the three lairds have an immediate plan to keep the peace. Later each of the laird’s sisters get together for a plan of their own, involving romance and autumn when the golden whin and broom cover the gle... moren. Ghosts, men in kilts, and highland scenery add even more spice to this tale. An enchanting historical Highland romance. I highly recommend Sins of a Highland Devil.
review 2: I tried to read this as my first honest-to-goodness bodice-ripper romance. I gave it more than a hundred pages. I don't know whether books in this genre normally have characters spend so much time thinking about the object of their affection, and get hot and bothered, but not actually doing anything or the plot moving forward an inch, but that was really to much for me. I couldn't finish it. There wasn't even a real sex scene until page 175 or so, which maybe was too long of a wait for me. less
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This was a good book and I love the gost!!!! What fun...
Excellent book. Loved the story.
I like this one.
2.5 Stars!
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