Day 3069 – I Read My 300th Book This Year Yesterday, And I’m Embarrassed To Say What It Was

If you’ve been following along this year, you know I set a big goal for my reading in 2017 – 300 books. I hit it yesterday, and I am so pumped. I learned, I laughed, I stopped reading some, I found new favorite books. As it turns out, the 300th book was You Have To F@*#%&@ Eat. You probably remember that I am pretty “strict” on what I read, watch, and listen to. There are times when language affects me more than I like. I try not to cuss…..too much. I am so far from a perfect human, and Lord knows I have no problem telling all y’all my shortcomings. So here I am, my 300th book has language in the title, shows a way you shouldn’t talk to your kids, and I HAD to tell you what the 300th book was. So, in an effort to have a little laugh at myself, I figured I’d write a little ditty, highlighting the books I read. (As a note, links to books I’ve read will be Amazon affiliate links – which just means we’ll get a small percentage of what you order.)

300 books read was the goal of this year,
I never knew there was reason to fear,
What could go wrong?
Reading is my heart’s song!

There were books that changed my life,
Books that made me a better wife.
My eyes were opened to the joy of children’s books,
Even if reading them got some funny looks.

There were books that made me laugh on a plane,
I read this great book by Shane
I’m thankful for the library’s great stock,
But the stacks of books, some might mock.

One made me weep with pride in my US of A
Did I throw it all away?
I didn’t expect, when the list was complete
A year of great books, and the 300th one was You Have To F@*#%&@ Eat

Books noted above, in order of linkage:
Dream Big, Think Small: Living an Extraordinary Life One Day at a Time
Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians!
The Martian
Not So Different: What You Really Want to Ask About Having a Disability
Blue Sky White Stars


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