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Seduction Of A Highland Warrior (2013)

by Sue-Ellen Welfonder(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
0446561797 (ISBN13: 9780446561792)
Highland Warriors
review 1: I highly suggest that if you start this series, you make sure you have all three. I think it is very important with this series that you read them in order.The first Novel proves very interesting and your first look a the Land of Many Legends and its magic.The three clans have always fought and there has been and you will read a lot of blood shed.The savoir to this land, is of course, the woman!The legend that this book is intertwined with is sad and I was as much excited about the conclusion the the hero and heroine as much as I was the male and female legend.There is a lot of back and forth with Norn (Marjory) and Alasdair and their relationship would have been much easier without Norn's brother Kendrew being so difficult. Kendrew plays a big part in this novel as well a... morend he truly does like to stir trouble with the other clans. He holds a grudge like no other!However, in the end, Kendrew proves himself worthy of both love and worthy of his alliances.I felt myself smiling here and there but there were also times I just scanned through the pages because it became a little tedious and repetitive. The books are definitely worth the read but you have to read all three to give it justice. It comes full circle and you finally learn the real understanding of the prophecy shared in the first book.
review 2: I hate giving "1 star" to authors of anything but this book is so poorly written. First there is a lot of repetitive writing in it and it starts in the first chapter when the author repeated the name of the place, Glen of Many Legends, so many times in that chapter alone gave me the urge to toss the book across the floor. Then there is the problem where everything comes at you out of the nowhere such as when Marjory finds herself at a water edge surrounding her brother castle facing some Viking women who are going to throw her on a Viking funeral pyre. You are left scratching your head wondering how she got there and where are her kinsmen. less
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I found this book was boring. It couldn't hold my attention and was slow moving.
Nice commute read
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