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The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor's 4-Step Program To Treat Autoimmune Disease (2013)

by Susan Blum(Favorite Author)
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1451695004 (ISBN13: 9781451695007)
review 1: If you're like me, the main reason you're looking at a review of a health book is to find out if it seems reliable/worth a try/useful vs. if it's somewhat hippie-dippy and not likely to help much.Thankfully, this book is well written, cites its research (thank you!) so you can do your own critical appraisal if you wish, and does manage to pull together a lot of things that people with autoimmune or other overlapping conditions may know *with* additional/newer research and a practical protocol. I'll admit that I'm still a little skeptical every time a health book refers generally to "toxins" (what exactly do you mean by that?!) or talks about chelation, but there was really only one chapter that left me thinking "hmm.. I don't know if I buy this."I like the idea of function... moreal medicine, but occasionally some books that claim this term cross over into woo-woo-healing-crystal-territory, which frankly just isn't my bag (no offense intended if that's yours). However, as someone who has gained immense benefit from treatments that don't always have enough of an evidence base to completely explain (for example, it's only relatively recently and acupuncture gained more legit status in mainstream medicine), and someone who's willing to try out various nutritional and lifestyle changes, I found this book clear and helpful, and its steps/protocol easy to follow. The steps did help me identify some potential migraine triggers, and so although I haven't given up any food entirely, I'm much more aware of the things I should eat only small/less frequent portions of. I'm not sure if I could embrace a whole-hog abandonment of wheat and dairy without seeing a bit more research (case studies are cool, but not as persuasive when you don't know the people personally), but I would strongly encourage people who have struggled with odd immune and autoimmune conditions, as well as pain conditions to give this book a chance.
review 2: Having a more rare auto immune condition which can't be cured, I found this book helpful. While it repeats what I have already learned from other sources regarding wheat and gluten and why we are seeing more sensitive to it now, it also connects the average American diet's over consumption of wheat at every meal, as well as sugar and unhealthy fats to autoimmune disease.Autoimmune disease is on the rise- and in these cases of immune systems attacking the body's own tissues you can reduce the effects of an autoimmune condition by following the steps in this book. Nutritional healing is key, but so is healthy thinking, exercise and rest.You know all those things you are supposed to do anyway but might not do enough of? Eat well- and I mean farmers market local organic well. Take care of yourself. Sleep. Don't take things too seriously and find and reduce stressors in your life. Do it like your life depends on it. If your condition could kill you, then your life does depend on it. It it can't - if it will just be a part of every day of your life until you die like mine, the quality of each day you are on this earth depends on it because it can at painful moments, become hard to see how you can live this way for 40, 50, ? more years. The answer is you can't - make the changes you can make to improve each day. This book will help you. less
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Amazing! I have Graves Disease and highly recommend for anyone with an autoimmune disorder.
Well written; very informative; many reasonable recommendations for symptom improvement.
I could have done without case scenarios; otherwise very resourceful.
A must read for anyone with an autoimmune issue!
I wish I could go to her clinic and be fixed.
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