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I Want Candy (2012)

by Susan Donovan(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 2
0312536224 (ISBN13: 9780312536220)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Bigler, North Carolina
review 1: This book was just alright. Nothing stands out. It came off as just a plain recitation of Candy's story. Candy was a real-estate agent who got caught up in the market crash. Broke, she returned to her hometown to get back on her feet. In doing so, she has to deal with past issues and what she thought she left behind. One of those past issue is her stunted romance with the sheriff, Turner. Upon seeing him again, she jumps right in and plants a kiss. Turner, who harbored feelings for her since they were young, has to deal with moving on from his dead wife. This book was just mediocre for me. It wasn't too cooky zany funny. It wasn't too dramatic. Although the book could have certainly gone either way considering the subject matter at hand. It was just mediocre and light. On ... moretop of the romance, are drug dealers, a delusional stalker, senior citizens, and racist townspeople. My favourite scene for this book...hmmm...nothing really stands out. I guess the most memorable is the beating she took from her father after being asked out by Turner. I suppose living under that kind of abuse really brings out a bland nature, the better to blend in the background with. I guess that is how I found the main characters, just bland and no drama. I almost prefer to read a book about Jacintha and the cantankerous Lorraine.
review 2: I don't think I'd ever read Susan Donovan before...I just happened to select this book to listen to while I was walking my dogs. Likes -1. Fairly likeable characters2. Pretty hot sex scenes (even if they did seem a little off to me...can't really put my finger on why)3. There was a plot...so that was good. Dislikes -1. I don't know. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for contemporary romance, but I got bored and decided I just didn't care. 2. The writing was a little irritating to me. Or maybe it was the dialogue. And I might not have even noticed, except I listened to the book and I think you notice things like that more often with audiobooks. 3. The reader. She bugged me. And maybe thats why I'm not all that enthusiastic about the book. I think I would have enjoyed it with someone else reading. less
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Candy was an air head most of the time so it didn't make the story very believable.
Good light beach reading!
I loved this book.
More like 2 1/2...
Got me hooked!!!!
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