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Dial H For Hitchcock (2009)

by Susan Kandel(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 2
0061826677 (ISBN13: 9780061826672)
William Morrow Paperbacks
A Cece Caruso Mystery
review 1: I started this series in the middle and read the last books before I found the earlier ones. Dial H for Hitchcock got a somewhat confusing with the mix of Hitchcock actors/actresses and the ever growing cast of characters in the book. Good twist to the end. Cece Caruso was a more sympathetic character in this book than in some of the earlier ones where I found her to be pretty self-centered. A few loose ends on Gambino appearances! A review of the old Hitchcock movies is on the schedule for this winter.
review 2: Another entry in a series that I'm enjoying and that is still fresh enough that I'll stay with the series for now. The main character Cece is engaging for some reason. I think I like her inner self talk. Description of the vintage clothing are quit
... moree fun. As in each of her books, I learned something about the mystery author being covered...a fun by product. I'm not sure if the mysteries in the earlier books mimicked the mystery author and I missed it, this one was definitely Hitchcock-ian. less
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Definitely the best in the series for me. It's quite a clever plot!
Dial H for Hitchcock: A Cece Caruso Mystery by Susan Kandel (2009)
It was okay, but not as good as her others.
sort of entertaining...not reccommended
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