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Sweet Trouble (2008)

by Susan Mallery(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
0373773056 (ISBN13: 9780373773053)
Bakery Sisters
review 1: I loved this book! This book is about the youngest Keyes sister, Jesse. It is the story about her love life. Jesse, to me, is a strong, independent woman who is a mother of a 4 year old boy and is guarding her heart. She does not want what happened to her life to interfere with her future. She fell in love with a computer geek named Matt, who happens to be rich. Then something happened that ruined their relationship and she left. Now Jesse has come back after five years with her son to try and reconnect with her family and with Matt. Matt acts like an IDIOT for most of this book because he wants revenge on Jesse for keeping his son away from him, but it backfires when he falls in love with her again. Then, for the last third, he tries to win her back. I liked his determina... moretion, but I thought he went about the situation wrong.
review 2: I loved this trilogy (The Bakery Sisters), Susan Mallery is a wonderful author. I love the dynamic of the 3 sisters who each find their own happily ever after. There is quite the family history though, and having read them in order was probably helpful. In this case, Jesse is estranged from her sister Nicole. She took off 4 years earlier, pregnant and recently split from her boyfriend and after a fallout with her sister Nicole (which I won't spoil). This is Jesse's story, after really getting her self together and taking good care of her son Gabe, she is doing the right thing to come back to her hometown and attempt to reconcile with her sisters and have Gabe meet his father. Matt was a bit of a roller coaster, hating Jesse one minute, then ultimately being the one that has the patience and forgiveness to see that they make their relationship work. Neither really got over their love for the other. In addition to relationship struggles, Matt is reconciling with his mother, learning to be a father to 4 year old Gabe, and Nicole finally forgives Jesse and the sisters reconnect. Not to mention a bit of a romance for Matt's mother. A very good read, I gave the first 2 in the series "5"s, this one got a "4" because of all the history that had to be rehashed and the up-and-down nature of the 2 main characters. less
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Al final de tanto enredo, el desenlace no estuvo tan mal. Obvio: pura ficción.
This series was a really great feel good kind of series. Im sad it has ended!!
eh. I wasn't impressed.
It was a good book.
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