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Kızılderili Ve Çingene (2013)

by Susan McBride(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 2
Eksik Parça Yayınevi
review 1: A tornado rips through Gretchen's farm and drops a stranger in the walnut grove. Sounds good so far. But this man seems familiar. Gretchen lives on the farm with her blind, twin sisters, and shortly after the tornado, her grown daughter Abby comes home for a visit. They all try to figure out the identity of the man dropped by the tornado, who seems familiar, and might be Abby's long lost father, Sam. The book contains several flashbacks revealing information on the character's histories, families, and some mysticism. It was an entertaining story that told of Sam's grandfather's rain-making ceremony, Gretchen's troubled past, and the lies that Gretchen has been hiding for all these years. What started out as a little white lie has blossomed into much more. Who will ... morebe hurt when all is revealed? Or does love conquer all?
review 2: Sometimes a book grabs you from the very first page and won't let go of you until you finish it. The Truth About Love & Lightning is one of those books. Maybe it is because the opening pages involve a tornado that seems to blow over Gretchen's farm, but does little damage, other than dropping a man onto their land.It is hard to pinpoint why the book is so engaging. The characters lead mostly normal lives and have the usual problems. Maybe that is it, Gretchen and her sisters, Trudy and Bennie and her daughter Abby seem normal, but Gretchen has a secret and it deals with the man Abby believes is her father.Very early on, you can guess this secret and you know why Gretchen told the lie she did when she was 17, but as the author gives you the back story of Gretchen and Sam Winston and Sam's grandfather, well, you get a tell of love that didn't get a chance nearly 40 years earlier.It is that back story that is fascinatingly beautiful with the Native American elements and rich emotion. As Susan takes us back to Hank Littlefoot's days as a vaudeville performer, to Sam's blossoming love for Gretchen you can't help but be moved by the characters. You fall in love with them for their goodness and for the love they feel for each other.More important than the lie that Gretchen told is how Sam was able to conjure rain and lightning, just as his grandfather had before him.This story is one where the characters are really the reason you keep reading. The plot is whimsical, light and sweet. The characters will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. I highly recommend this book to anyone. less
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I really enjoyed this book! Lots of interested stories woven together in this book.
Really enjoyed it. It kept my interest all the way through.
Such an interesting read. I really enjoyed it
Couldn't put it down.
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