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The Shifting Price Of Prey (2000)

by Suzanne McLeod(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
0575098392 (ISBN13: 9780575098398)
review 1: Definitely the best magical romp yet - the series is growing in strength and is a wonderful "escapism" read, though I'm not sure that the books will stand alone out of sequence (hard to tell when I've devoured each one as if I'm a glamoured vamp in need of sustenance! LOL)I adore Malik; Finn is a pain & as for that Kelpie..... but I'll not say more as I don't want to give any story away.My only comment would be that this one is _very_ adult in sexual content, which may put some readers off - no bother for the broad-minded though.I happened to be at Trafalgar Square while reading this one (several scenes set there) - I looked for Genny and the pesky pixies, but I guess there was an invisibility spell being used :-( pity. LOLAnyone who loves magic, vamps, and a hurtle throug... moreh a romp of an adventure will enjoy these quirky books - its about time we had a TV series based around them I think Buffy, Charmed, Twilight....? Not a patch on Genny & co!Suzanne's books are a wonderful advert for the London Tourist Board as well (providing you have a spellcrackers.com phone number to hand ..... just in case.....One complaint. I now have to wait for the next one in the series :-((disclaimer: I know Suzanne personally, but this is a genuine review of a book I thoroughly enjoyed)
review 2: I love this series, but it's a hard one to explain. It mixes up witches, fae, and vampires in different ways than most contemporary fantasy, and there is a strong mystery component to this series. It can also be sexy and violent at times. It takes place in a version of modern day London. This is book 4 in the series, and they would make no sense at all out of order.In this one, Genny (bean sidhe with a vampire father, works for witches as a magical hazmat contractor) is working on a kidnapping case for the police, while at the same time trying to finish restoring the London fae's fertility. They were cursed by her grandmother (who wants Genny dead) a long while back. Her adventures lead her to the Emperor, an ancient vampire who makes the Autarch look kind and loving. Malik's hiding all kinds of stuff from her, but in this book, she starts to figure out some of it. Eventually, she finds herself on the verge of an adventure in the fair (as in Fairy) lands (next book) with an impostor in the wings. less
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Ugh...all that running around and for nothing. I hate this book :p
GennyRead 11th February 2013
February 16th 2012
Feb 16 2012
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