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Nowhere, Carolina (2010)

by Tamara Leigh(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
1601421672 (ISBN13: 9781601421678)
Multnomah Books
Southern Discomfort
review 1: This really wasn't my favorite book. I was a little hesitant to begin with just because of the cover but was trying to give it the benefit of doubt. It seemed as though the author was trying to create drama for the main female character and the more she tried, the more strained it became. The character just wasn't believable and she continued to try the hardest methods to get out of the mess she created. This was a slow read as I just couldn't engage in the story.
review 2: This book follows on the heels of her previous book, “Leaving Carolina”, which I also read. Each book, however, stands on its own. I became a serious Tamara Leigh fan after reading her award winning “Splitting Harriet” as well as “Faking Grace” (one of my all time favorite boo
... moreks.I cannot make it through a Tamara Leigh book without several out loud laughs. If there were an award for author I’d most like to live next door to, I’m thinking Tamara would be my winner. She is just hilarious.....so clever!! I admit, I stopped several times just to admire some fresh, funny word play. I even made my husband listen to one particularly humorous sentence. This gal has a sense of humor, and I love it!! So the story takes place in, you guessed it, North Carolina. Maggie Pickwick made some huge mistakes in high school (resulting in her greatest treasure, her daughter Devyn). She has changed, however....and has since turned her life over to the Lord. Her prayers were one source of laughs for me. It seemed that each prayer was a comedy routine packed into one small sentence. Things are rolling along nicely for Maggie, but when an old flame comes back to town, all her old insecurities come back. Maggie seems to forget who she’s become as she deals with the man he has become.....the man who dredges up all kinds of old feelings...and may be Devyn’s father. Reece, now a famous artist, wants nothing to do with Maggie. He doesn’t realize that she has grown up, and her lies and odd behavior don’t help to convince him. In an attempt to protect her daughter, Maggie resorts to dishonesty and some crazy behavior. Though the antics border on corny at times, this book was well worth reading. It’s such a fresh departure from the norm, filled with creative, comical moments from cover to cover. I have to be honest....the strength of this book isn’t in the storyline or even the romance, though both are good. It’s in the humor....which is excellent. Tamara Leigh won me over years ago, and this book is just one more reason why. Four out of five stars. less
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The ways we mess things up and scrabble back to level make the best stories...
Loved the story, the characters. I want to live in Nowhere, Carolina!
Great for a quick read, but utterly predictable!
It was a quicl easy beach read
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