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Restless In Carolina (2011)

by Tamara Leigh(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
1601421680 (ISBN13: 9781601421685)
Multnomah Books
Southern Discomfort
review 1: I picked this book up because the cover called out to me. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t expecting much from it. I was expecting a fun, light-hearted romance with not a lot to it. But while it was fun, a light read, and a romance, it had a bit more substance to it, which was a nice surprise. Bridget is a widow, still mourning her husband after four years. She is an environmentalist from a family that is prominent in her area.....for some of the wrong reasons. At one time the family was wealthy and rumor has it that much of the wealth was the result of some shady practices by great-grandpa. Now though, the wealth is gone and the family needs to sell the estate. Several developers have an interest, but Bridget is determined that the buyer be environmentally friendly... more. With running her nursery while dealing with an interfering father, an uncle with Alzheimers, and a young, mischievous twin niece and nephew, Bridget has her hands full. Enter into that two developers competing for her attention, and we get a fun, if a bit predictable, story. Yes, I saw the end coming a mile away, but that didn’t detract from the story. For the most part, the characters were well developed and there were a couple of twists that kept things interesting. There are discussion questions at the end, and in reading those, I learned that this is book three of the Southern Discomfort series. I did not know that when I read the big, and not reading the first two did not detract from this story. The author included enough back story that I didn’t feel I missed anything. You may also want to know that this is listed as ‘Christian’ fiction, and although the characters relationship with God is mentioned throughout the book, this is not ‘hit you over the head Bible thumping’. If you are looking for a fun summer read, be sure to take a look at this one! 3-1/2 Stars
review 2: Young Bridgett Pickwick-Buchanan (33) has been a widow for 4 years. Still in mourning for her husband, some members of her family decide it's time to "move on" & shake off the "Widow Weeds". Bridgett is as hippy as hippy gets (in this generations meaning of the word anyways). Dreadlocked & "Green" as a Cucumber, she is dedicated to making the world a better place. Saving Mother Earth from us one flower at a time. When her beloved Uncle's health begins failing him, it is now up to her to sell their family estate, to the most eco friendly person possible.In walks J.C. Dirk from Atlanta, who is not only handsome (of course), but seems to be as eco friendly as a Southern Conservative Rich Man from Old Money could be. J.C. has a few secrets of his own motivating him, when it comes to buying the Pickwick Estate from the granola crunchin pretty Bridgette he will stop at nothing to be the "perfect" candidate. As the story goes on we find out a few juicy secrets about the Pickwick family history.At the same time Bridgette's belief in God & prayer helps her immensely. This is not a shove it down your throat, overly religious book, either. This book is definitely Not my usual read, but I gave it a shot, and was pleasantly delighted with what I found. Bridgette's view of how to save the earth & of life in general, reminded me of a young me. Dreadlocks & all! Although mine were hardly dreadlocks, because I had to wash my hair they turned into little "twistys", but I tried..lolz..This is sweet story that I would consider to be a Christian Romance-Lite/Fiction.Some parts were predictable, one made me mad (if you read it you will know when you get to it), some were sweet, inspiring, thought provoking. Overall a decent read if you're looking for something light & sweet & easy.I found out when I was done this was book 3 in a series & now I want to read the prior books. This stands alone, the others were not required to understand this books ins & outs. less
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This was a fun beach read. Just the right amount of romance. Not too mushy.
great book could not put it down!!!!!!
Book 3 of 3*Love Tamara Leigh
review coming
Great book.
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