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Dreamspell (2012)

by Tamara Leigh(Favorite Author)
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Tamara Leigh
review 1: Oh my...just finished this. Sigh...."Loved it" doesn't even begin to accurately portray my feelings. But it will have to suffice. I LOVED it. From the beautiful cover (I have the newer redone edition), to the timeless romance, to wondering how the mystery would unravel, I enjoyed the entire ride! Tamara Leigh has jumped to the top of my favorite authors list over the past few months. She has an incredible gift for story-telling. I completely immerse myself into her stories and can see the entire thing play out in my mind like a gorgeous movie...and as with all her other books, I am extremely sad my time with Fulke and Nedy has come to an end. But oh, that epilogue! Perfect. I loved each and every page of Fulke and Nedy's love story...theirs is a love story that will stay w... moreith me long after I've read it (but that's the beauty of owning the book--I can re-read it whenever I want)! :) Do yourself a favor and bump this to the top of your to-read list. You won't regret it!
review 2: A friend told me to read Outlander and I tried, but found the book sophomoric, the heroine foul-mouthed, and the sex gritty, and even violent at times. I was disappointed because I love a good time travel story. I was tickled to death, then, to find Dreamspell. Wonderfully written, it is clean without being cheesy, and really hooks you. Great characters, an entrancing, believable story. Very happy I read it. less
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This book is a must read! I felt connected to the characters and I could hardly put it down!
historical fiction. clean read. christian ideals. time travel. need I say more? just read!
Intricate and (toward the end) quite beautiful.
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