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Faith's Reward (2011)

by Tammy Barley(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 4
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The Sierra Chronicles
review 1: I was so angry at Jess that I almost didn't even want to finish this series. I kept hoping that she would change, but in this third book she was more rebellious, selfish, self-centered and downright stupid than ever. And strong, loving capable Jake is the one who changes to "allow her the freedom she needs to be the woman God made her to be." I am all for strong courageous women, but for her to insist that she must be the one to bring her family's killers to justice by sneaking off on her own and ignoring her husband's wishes and his plans which would have kept her safe...and oh yes, don't forget that she's 7 1/2 months pregnant and also risking her baby's life... it was just too much. She doesn't want her husband to die, so she has to get the job done. She prays only for... more God's help to help her do what she wants to do. She never even cares about how Jake would feel if she (and their baby) were killed doing what he should have been allowed to do as her husband. That said, Tammy Barley is a gifted writer and knows how to tell a good story, but Jess' character was so rebellious (despite the correct theology written) that I won't be rushing to read another of her books.
review 2: Faith's Reward by Tammy Barley concludes the journey of Jess and Jake Bennett and is just as good as the first two novels. Jess is expecting their first child after months of trying, but her life has not gotten any easier. Their cattle they fought so hard to save threaten to freeze to death, and through trying to save them Jake catches pneumonia. Though winter ends, and spring brings forth much needed rain, their troubles are not over. Southerners are still being threatened, and Jake knows that Jess and their ranch won't truly be safe until they're stopped.Meanwhile, Jess knows that their ranch is on the brink of being lost and decides to hunt down her lost inheritance and sets off on a dangerous journey back to the town where she lost her parents and baby sister to a fire meant to kill her as well.I love love LOVE! this series! I cannot say too many good things about it! This book was just as amazing as I was expecting. All of the characters are layered, and I was still learning more about Jake and Jess in their third novel. Tammy Barley creates believable situations and turmoil to put her characters through to help them grow. I wish that I could read about them forever! Their lives are so interesting and intriguing. I would recommend this book to everyone and have! I cannot wait to read more by this author in the future! less
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Such a great read! This book is a wonderful conclusion to the trilogy by Tammy Barley.
Didn't want the series to end. Mixed emotions throughout book. Got to love horses!
Tour Date: December 1st
Such an amazing series!
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