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The Opportunist (2000)

by Tarryn Fisher(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 3
Love Me with Lies
review 1: What a roller coaster!! Tarryn Fisher made me empathize and connect with Olivia Kaspen at a level I had not experienced before. Olivia is devious, manipulative and just a little bit evil... and I loved her. She made some cringe-worthy decisions but her imperfections was what made her so emotionally raw and honest. I enjoyed seeing Olivia grow and mature, with and without Caleb... SPOILER ALERT-- It is not your average romance, because Caleb and Olivia might be two individuals who were not meant to be together and I can live with that, surprisingly-- Tarryn Fisher is a brave soul for venturing into a territory where the reader might not get the happily-ever-after they were expecting. It might alienate some but I found it refreshing, honest and it hit close to home. I will d... moreefinitely be coming back for more.
review 2: I love it when an author surprises me and this ending surprised the hell out of me. I still don't know how to feel about it but I loved the book. I actually devoured it, but I want more. I need more from them, I did not have enough. And Rome? OMG! How could that happen???? Whyyyyyy????? As I said, I don't know how to feel but somehow I know that what happened had to happen. Because it was the only thing that could. Now, give me more Tarryn Fisher, give me MORE! less
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This book made my heart ache but I loved it. I would defiantly recommend reading this.
I don't even have words for this book... My brain is in the blender.... Just read it.
worst book i have ever read in my life. wtf shouldn't even get a star
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