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Master Of The Galaxy (2011)

by Tasha Temple(Favorite Author)
2.61 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Short story. 35 pages. Well, okay then. I am not into BDSM but enjoy reading very, very light versions of it. This was not light. And maybe if I found BDSM stimulating I would enjoy it, but I mostly cringed and would say, "Ouch" out loud. The dom/sub relationship is very strong in this story with the ending making me wonder whether the sub would survive. But if you're really into this lifestyle, this is the story for you. Now how do I rate this story. Not much plot, strong sexual situations, I cared for neither character but I don't know if that wasn't intentional by the author. Would I read this story again? No, but that's personal preference not because of bad writing. So you see my dilemma. I want to give it a 3 but I think maybe if I enjoyed the subject matte... morer I would have enjoyed the story more and would have given it a better rating. So I don't know if this is a cop-out or not, but I'm giving it a 3. I will definitely read this author again, hopefully writing something different.
review 2: I really wanted to like this more. The 2 MCs were just too unsympathetic. I didn't care what happened to either of them. Our brave heroine, who was a big-wig all singing, all dancing diplomat, became an idiot as soon as He was anywhere near her. And He treated her like an idiot and a slave, with no redeeming features.The story is told from her POV and sometimes the writing was a little off. Just a bit stilted. That said, I thought the idea was good, the BDSM was good and I'm struggling to think of anything else good. less
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Interesting short read. Felt no connection to either MC.
Completely unbelievable. And thankfully very short
The cover is so hot!! The rest is so-so.
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