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Where The Air Is Sweet (2014)

by Tasneem Jamal(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
1443408174 (ISBN13: 9781443408172)
HarperCollins Canada
review 1: This is really a moving and powerful story of a young Indian man who moved to Uganda in search of a better life. Where the Air is Sweet follows his life, raising his family and grandchildren. Life is good. Many of these Asians built businesses and contributed greatly to the African economy and culture, being full citizens.In 1972, the evil and tyrannical dictator Idi Amin ordered all south Asians out of the country. 80,000 people had to flee for their lives and many, many were executed. This novel is well written and connects this tragic event in history to a family who didn't want to leave their home, but at the last minute had to find a way out to escape arrest and sure death. Even though this is fictional, I can imagine that there is much truth to the amount of su... moreffering people went through during that era. Canada was one of the countries to accept these refugees.
review 2: I was very excited when Farida told me about this book because I'm interested in everything Ugandan. Much to my disappointment, this book did not pan out as I'd hoped. All the important political events that occurred prior and during Idi Amin's reign were well documented but unfortunately, the booked lacked soul. Only half way through the novel, did the author connect the political events more personally to her characters and the real tension of the era became clear. less
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I imagine it provided a well-balanced view for both the Ugandans and those from South Asia.
I felt like I was there worrying about the crazy man in power. Loved this book.
Touching. At times heartbreaking. A very good read and a well told chronicle.
Read this book and weep. Powerful!
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