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Rookie Yearbook One (2012)

by Tavi Gevinson(Favorite Author)
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1770461124 (ISBN13: 9781770461123)
Drawn and Quarterly
Rookie Yearbook
review 1: Okay so I'll start off by saying that i have never before in my life written a review for a book. So hopefully I can find a way to string together words that correctly describe how much this book means to me. I have always been a girl that reads others personal stories about something that I'm curious about so, obviously, this book was a "must read" for me. I bought this book on a trip to Oregon right before we were about to drive back home to Washington. I had seen it on tumblr and mainly, this one girls Instagram. I thought this girl was pretty cool and she was a year older and in high school so i thought "wow, this book must be cool.". When i saw Rookie Yearbook One in a Powells bookshop, I ran to my mom squealing about how it was only 12 dollars, and how it was the bes... moret book and i had to get it. I bought it and read it almost in its entirety during the car ride home and ignored my dad's constant request to "put the book away, you're going to get carsick!" I found everything in the book to be somehow useful, funny, or just plain interesting. I loved being able to read what adults thought of when they looked back on their highs school years. I loved the stickers that were added. I loved the advice columns. I loved to mystical photos they included. I loved the illustrations on every page. I loved the glitter. Most importantly, I loved the ways this book helped me feel more confident about myself, ready for high school, and like i could accomplish anything. Thank you Tavi for being the role model I've always been looking for.
review 2: I'm glad they took this off the interwebz and made a book. I wish there was a magazine like this when I was growing up. (Jane was close, but that was for older gals.) Everything is so honest and non-judgmental. They treat high brow/low brow and homo/hetero the same. It's amazing. I'm a little old for some of the advice, but many of the authors are my age so there were some great stories. The fashion spreads are so 90s inspired it's funny, but I loved the 90s so it works for me!I will read yearbook 2. less
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This is a really interesting book. The format is different and will definitely appeal to teens.
One of the best things I've ever read. Entertaining,comical, and filled with good advice.
Tavi is perf.
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