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A Reliant Love (2014)

by Taylor Lavati(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
1492779830 (ISBN13: 9781492779834)
review 1: Eighteen-year-old Nathalie Carter is ready to begin her college life as an independent woman. Privileged and living under the roof of demanding parents, she welcomes both a change of scenery and routine.College senior Sam Torrington is haunted by a past that involves addiction and heartache. Plagued by his misfortunes, he is determined to finish college and move away. However, on the back burner, he reprimands himself by thinking he isn’t good enough to experience a life of happiness.A chance meeting between Nathalie and Sam strikes up an instant friendship. Soon, neither can imagine a life without the other in it. As their relationship turns from friendship to more, Nathalie discovers Sam doesn’t just have a cigarette addiction. Under the constant scrutiny of his frie... morend Frank, Sam moves to harder drugs, solidifying his former demons have always had a hold on him. Nathalie sees the good in Sam and wants the best for him. But, will her love be enough to make him quit?This story made me feel every emotion possible. The way Ms. Lavati is able to take such a difficult theme and present it in a way that is both realistic and thought provoking is a sign of a talented writer. A Reliant Love is definitely not your average story of addiction and despair. It is a triumphant tale of needing someone for support and love. As much as I loved this story, I want a sequel to answer all the lingering questions I had while reading. This includes closure for the secondary characters. Also, even though it didn’t sway my review, there are way too many grammatical mistakes throughout the novel. A better editor would improve this story’s reading, as I was often distracted by the errors.Despite the ups and downs I experienced while reading this novel, I definitely recommend it for every reader who desires an angsty change from the norm.
review 2: I'll kick off the ratings, even though I don't count :) This book is completely, and I really do mean completely, different than my Curse Books series. It deals with tough issues like addiction and dependence. Don't expect a light romance where everyone is happy all the time and the characters fall right into love and live happily ever after because that's not what this book is. Of course there's love and romance, it couldn't be a romance novel without it! But there's much more to this story than just hooking up and college love. I hope you have a fun ride with Samuel and Nathalie. They're two of my favorite characters and I hope you enjoy their story! less
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I just can't right now, not bad, just not in NA mood. Maybe later.
Great book, but the ending sucked.
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