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El Pequeño Salvaje (2012)

by T.C. Boyle(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
841513066X (ISBN13: 9788415130666)
review 1: Downloaded from library and it is NOT Wild Child and Other Stories. Just Wild Child. Interesting enough and ultimately very sad about a French boy about 5 y.o. in the 1700s who is taken to a woods by his mother (who just had too many children). She cuts his throat, but not fatally and he survives as a feral child until he is captured when he is about 12.Some people try hard to tame and educate him, but learn that certain aspects of humanity must be mastered by an early age or the maturing brain moves on and will never be able to accomplish them.And poor Victor has moved beyond the age where he can learn these things. He does learn to depend upon and even care about some of the people who take care of him, but in the end, it's about his lost humanity. Al... moreas...
review 2: These fourteen subtle, golden stories address the lives of (mostly) men that have gone astray, and the circumstances that return them, painfully, to the right track, usually through the help/kindness of the (mostly) women in their lives. The exceptions were one dog who helped a young woman get back on track, and one man whose life went off track following his wife's death. It is difficult to decide which is my favorite, but it would have to be either "Balto", the opening story, or "Admiral". T.C. Boyle's writing effervesces, bubbling over with sly humor and irony, and keen observations of the human condition. You will never be disappointed in the man's writing - only pleasantly surprised. less
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As always, an interesting mix of stories. A must read, for any T.C. Boyle fan.
good stories, but i'm just not a short story reader. Not enough depth for me.
Love love love
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