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Hell Is The Absence Of God (2000)

by Ted Chiang(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Wow. It's certainly a new literary experience for me. If all those religious magic-realism stuff in Garcia Marquez's 'Hundred Years...' were to be compiled into one story universe and its logic followed to their conclusion, it would be the setting of this story. I liked the very personal tone. You feel the conflicts and motivations of the characters immediately. In the face of assured eternity, where there's no longer doubt that heaven and hell exists, all that matters is the attitude one has. This is what I got from the story. Camus. Myth of Sisyphus.Overall a great read. Philosophical, sad, and a sincere meditation on the issue of faith.
review 2: Wow, what a fantastic story. While the writing is very straightforward and economical, the story and characters a
... morere full of subtle insight. Belief is a difficult subject, both due to its inherent controversies and the bromidic manner in which it is frequent handled. This story's take on it, happily, is at once imaginative and cogent. But it's not all cerebral. An undeniably visceral horror permeates the ending, and the very last sentence sends creepy shivers down the spine. less
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Taivaan ja helvetin avoliitto - Portti 4/2002
chillingly fucked up
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