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The Truth Of Fact, The Truth Of Feeling (2013)

by Ted Chiang(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 4
Subterranean Press
review 1: This short story is split into two parts. The first is written by a technology journalist musing on the impact of a new technology (focused around improving our recall of past events), the second is a story within his story showing the impact of a missionary in early 20th Century Asia as he tries to teach a local boy to read and write. I thought the second part of the story was better than the first, the part set in the future does have some interesting ideas about the potential impact of a plausible future technology but the writing in this section feels a bit bland and I didn't find either the writer or his fragile relationship with his daughter to be all that interesting. The historical part of the story has a more likeable and interesting protagonist and although the p... moreoint it is trying to make is a bit predictable it does make it well.
review 2: Thought-provoking read for the simple fact that a ton of thought was jam-packed into this short story. Well worth the read, especially if you're a big fan of Chiang's work. I ended up discovering this by taking quite a hiatus from his work and then remembering this author's name, years later. Lo and behold, his writing should be read by all short story and fiction fanatics. This is one author that I'm aware of who releases any given work only if and when he feels completely satisfied with it. Give it a try. less
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A perfect SF read. A little bit mind-bendy, a little bit prophetic.
Wow. This is a really original story.
Chiang at his best.
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