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Any Day Now (2012)

by Terry Bisson(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 4
1590207092 (ISBN13: 9781590207093)
Overlook Hardcover
review 1: This novel starts off as an account of a boy who comes of age in the 1950s and 1960s, moving from Indiana to New York City during the radical period of 1960s. Then it peels off from reality into a counter-history, in which RFK and Martin Luther King survive assassination attempts and run as a joint ticket for president. The guy ends up in a commune in the Western desert as the shit hits the fan. The style of writing is arresting, and the plot is clever. I found myself limping across the finish line, however. Not completely sure that's because the book lost its way; it may be that I lost mine.
review 2: I picked this up at the library, and was intrigued by the cover blurbs and the fact that it is about the sixties. Did not realize the book was also in the altern
... moreate history genre--a genre that I theoretically should like, being a history nut, but one that so far I have not enjoyed reading. So, one of the best things about the book was that I gradually found out that the writer was playing with history. At first I thought the author was just making mistakes (Miles Davis was killed in a crash in the late 50s?. But when famous murdered political figures survive assassination attempts, I realized I was in an alternate 60s world. It was a delightful discovery at that point, because I already cared so much about the characters and the world they were trying to create. I will definitely read more of this author. less
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Dreamy and ethereal alternate history that is as engaging as its protagonist is disengaged.
Couldn't put it down. A coming of age story set in a very different 1968-1970.
Characters became hard to keep track of after the move west.
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