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Reason, Faith, And Revolution: Reflections On The God Debate (2009)

by Terry Eagleton(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
0300151799 (ISBN13: 9780300151794)
Yale University Press
review 1: It has happened to me a few times. I've been feeling down and frustrated with Christianity; and it is like God guides me to a book that renews me. This is the most recent one. It is written by well-respected literary critic and British Marxist, Terry Eagleton. He was invited to give some lectures at Yale University on religion and science. He uses the New Atheism (Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, especially) to show how Christian faith is misunderstood by both Christians and those in the West who oppose it. The writing is sometimes humorous, and usually insightful. I'd recommend it for any Christians, who like me don't find easy believing to be the way to go.
review 2: The faith and reason chapter was superb. How delightful to read someone so funny an
... mored so attuned to the revolutionary character of the gospel and the ways in which it has been distorted. "our age is accordingly divided between those who believe far too much and those who believe far too little""a supercivilized brand of cultural supremacism, one which no doubt find itself offended by common or garden racism, is now much in fashion, not least among the literary intelligensia. Since branding others as inferior because of their race is no longer acceptable, relegating them to the outer darkness because of their religion may serve instead." less
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Poorly written and you need to have read about a dozen other books to follow his arguments.
very amusing so far. lovin the "Ditchkins" (richard dawkins+christopher hitchens)
Started out amazing and stayed that way until the very end.
i think i'm in love...
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