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The Lazarus Curse (2014)

by Tessa Harris(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
0758293372 (ISBN13: 9780758293374)
Dr. Thomas Silkstone
review 1: I have not read any of the other Dr.Thomas Silkstone mysteries, but there was enough background that I didn't feel lost while reading the Lazarus Curse. The book is an interesting combination of mystery and historical fiction. The plot and all the characters were well developed and I was completely engrossed with the story while trying to solve the mystery. I loved the twist toward the end that pulled everything together. I did not see it coming. What I did not like was the cliff hanger at the very end. I did not see that coming either. The author did not have to end this story with a cliff hanger to get you interested in the next Dr.Thomas Silkstone mystery. Her writing and her story telling had already done that.
review 2: Set in the backdrop of the 1970s whe
... moren a survivor remains from a scientific expedition in the West Indies and disappears. Dr Silkstone an american anatomist surgeon and physicist and a pioneer of science is given the task of cataloguing the manifest which had been brought back, over 200 specimens including a narcotic with healing powers beyond mans capabilities called the Lazarus Key. Its a crime thriller mystery and a sinister plot by many to possess the potion, a walk on thw wild side of infidelity, murder, vengeance, trafficking of corpses. less
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Good storyline but I am getting rather bored with the hurdles that Silkstone and Lydia are jumping.
A bit disappointed by the ending, but a great set up for the next book.
An enjoyable mystery.
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