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Thea Stilton And The Cherry Blossom Adventure (2011)

by Thea Stilton(Favorite Author)
4.49 of 5 Votes: 5
0545227720 (ISBN13: 9780545227728)
Scholastic Paperbacks
Thea Stilton
review 1: Again it was an ever thrilling Thea Sister's adventure. The Thea Sisters are off to japan on another adventure. The nights where the sisters find the thief is ever so thrilling and gripping. Parts of the book where Japanese culture is explained is amazing.The graphics are indeed very attractive Its a book all bookworms will enjoy.It was the first Thea Stilton book I read and it indeed made me select other books of the kind.
review 2: This was the first Thea Stilton book I have read and there wasn't much Thea Stilton in it. The story was about the "Thea Sisters" instead. A group of teenage girls who are friends with Thea and admire her so much they call themselves the Thea Sisters. The girls visit a Japanese school where they meet and become best friends with a
... moreJapanese student. A kidnapping, a theft and a betrayal set the stage for heartwarming reconciliation between father and daughter. In the end, the kidnapper, the thief and the betrayal are rectified and they all live happily ever after.I like the Thea Stilton series for the same reasons I like Geronimo Stilton, the books contain cultural information and a wonderful array of vocabulary words. My students love the graphic novel-esque feel to the books. The down side to these books is that they are written in a format method. After a couple of the books I am bored. This Thea Stilton book did not excite me as much as I thought it would. Still, for third and fourth grade reading ability the books will hold the interest and students may actually learn something while they read! less
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I Think It is .... I Dunno. How do you read a book ???? I'm New to this ??? Help
It's adventurous and mystery. I'm a fan of Japanese stuff
i just love this ...................
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