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Her Russian Billionaire (2012)

by Theodora Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
Amorous Publishing
50 Loving States
review 1: Kinda sad really when you think about it. Very sad. Almost like a tragedy. But good in a weird way... This has the honour of being the first romance novel where I'm actually convinced that the people love each other.He didn't actually have to go on and become a billionaire. That's like really stretching it, but then I'm guessing he was probably a millionaire at the beginning off of blood money? I don't know... Him being a billionaire was really unnecessary imo. He was a good guy though.The girl is awesome, the guy is awesome with an extra spoon of awesome sauce. The story is almost bizarre and very full of soap opera drama including a "secret baby" which I realise is actually a thing. "Secret Baby" WTF? How can that be a thing? So lame! But the baby in this case was a grow... moren child who was kinda sorta cute so I didn't mind.The best part of it is the guy and how willing he is to just put his pride away. He just boxes that shit up.
review 2: Her Russian Billionaire is a hot but sweet I/R Romance between Alexei Rustanov and Eva St. James who met and fall in love while in grad school. When the two lovers meet eight years later, Alexei sets his plan in motion against Eva for breaking his heart years earlier. Little does Alexei know there is more to Eva's true reason for hurting her true love. If you love great sex and a little twist for revenge add this one to your reading list for 2014. Sit down and enjoy the ride.! less
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Short and fairly predictable story line. But enjoyable and the H was smoking hot.
This is my first interracial romance I've read, and I liked it.
Definitely steamy. Hot hot hot!!!
Another hit for Theodora Taylor.
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