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The Wild One (2012)

by Theodora Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 7
Amorous Publishing
50 Loving States
review 1: P.S. My actual is 4.6 Stars Just by looking at the comments and ratings I can tell it was either a hit or miss, and for me it was definitely a hit. This is my second favorite,Her Viking Wolf being my favorite,in the the series.I was hoping Andrew would get his own book and when i found out he did I was ecstatic; this book will be just as dramatic, if not more, as the other books, but is still fresh in it's own way. If you liked the previous books in the 50 loving states series, I highly recommend this book for readers
review 2: ** Revised Review*****After further consideration, I've decided 2 change my review, but not the rating. My original review was not only snarky, but it was demeaning to the author, as well. For that, I apologize.Simply put, there were som
... moree serious problems with the storyline, development of characters, and the overall editing of the book.Other than that, the reality factor was almost nonexistent in a few areas. This could have been an awesome book like ''Her Perfect Gift,'' but it went off track somewhere.Giving this book 2 stars... less
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I found this one hard to finish. It just a little unrealistic, and hard to follow in the begining.
Definitely far-fetched, but wildly entertaining.
Loved it.....wat a twist!
I didnt like this story.
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