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La Ragazza Gigante Della Contea Di Aberdeen (2009)

by Tiffany Baker(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
8895381378 (ISBN13: 9788895381374)
review 1: The plot of this book was generally interesting, and the characters weren't the most developed but they were reasonably compelling. The downfall of this book, to me, was the extreme overuse of simile and metaphors. I listened to this book via Audible, and I just got so tired of hearing the narrator say "as though she...." and "it felt like......" I did enjoy the herb-lore, though, and I enjoyed that the reader gets to see several of the main characters from the time they are children to when they are middle-aged. Overall, it's worth reading, but might be better in small bites than in an extended reading or listening session.
review 2: When I picked up this book I was almost certain I would love it. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed; the book wasn't terrible b
... moreut it definitely was not great. The story skips forward in time quite a lot and I feel this prevents the story from really developing. The characters were ok, but they were just lacking a little something something. I didn't feel empathetic for the characters even when it seemed like i should be feeling empathetic. This books had some beautiful lines but overall would not recommend. less
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this was well written, I just felt kind of uninterested by it.
Loved it
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