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Blood, Ash, And Bone (2013)

by Tina Whittle(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
1464200939 (ISBN13: 9781464200939)
Poisoned Pen Press
Tai Randolph Mysteries
review 1: This series is growing on me. I do find Whittle's spin on a mystery series with a spunky heroine to be unique. First off, the heroine's boyfriend is dealing with a brain injury that affects his personality in a kind of Asperger's way. So the way they negotiate that is interesting. Second, the heroine Tai Randolph is interesting too. I particularly liked the bit of her background uncovered in this book, where it turns out that her uncle used to be big in the KKK and her cousins still are. No matter what part of the country you live in and what your crazy cousins' beliefs are, her loyalty to family and their loyalty to her rings true, as does her conflict with loving certain people while vehemently hating their beliefs. In sum, Tai is a much more complex character than you u... moresually get in these kinds of mystery series, and she navigates her mysteries with an admirable take on life. In sum, while clearly for entertainment, it is both entertaining and more unique than most such series.
review 2: Another good one in this great series. I rally love Tia and trey. They are a great couple and things just seem to come at them and trouble is always there even when they are trying to avoid it. This was a heart pounding scorcher right to the very end. All kinds of bad guys and who is the baddest is hard to determine. Tai is from the area and is helping at an expo that Treys employer wants him to go to also since there is a possible artifact to be found. Everything goes smoothly for a while but troubles start coming their way. Tai is reuniting with some family members some of whom have been let out of prison and the kkk is involved also. Tip his was very fast paced and I wasn't sure who was going to die next. less
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Fantastic book - tons of suspense, very historically on-point. Really, a brilliant read. :)
just barely gets 3 stars. Ok read...keeps your interest but not enough depth to the story.
This is the best book in the series so far. I'm hoping for more!
Great book, great series! The writing is crisp and flows easily.
Going to look for more from this author.
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