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The Last Place You Look (2000)

by T.J. Dell(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I did enjoy this book. TJ Dell did a really good job of describing the angst that comes about when you're in high school trying to desperately to stay within your designated "circle" and not really venturing much out of it, but with a bit of bravery of her characters they got to discover that what a person may seem on the outside really means nothing.It starts with the main character Marilyn wanting to use Benjamin "the geek" to get a good grade in school and she is not afraid to try and use her looks to get what she wants, confident in her appeal to EVERYONE, because after all she's popular! The stunning turn of events for Marilyn is that Ben isn't that impressed by her "cool" and is not interested in being used (shock, horror). When she recovers enough to realise she was... more being a little so-and-so and goes over to Ben's house it opens the door for her to actually realise that Ben is more then just the geek she thought he was. There is learning to be done by both our characters to realise that a person is made up of all different sides and what truly does not matter is what anyone else thinks.What I didn't get was how people at school didn't get how totally wonderful Ben was and he raced motorcycles, how is that not awesome in everyone's language?! Of course Ben is very protective of his privacy but still I remember high school as being impossible to keep any kind of secret, its why we were all so petrified! LOLIf you do like your YA with a message give it a go but be ready for some fighting and drama
review 2: This story is the perfect example of the old adage, don't judge a book by it's cover, that's esoecially true when it comes to people. Others aren't always what you perceive them to be, don't judge a person by their outward appearance or perceived social status. Marilyn is quickly learning this old adage, especially when it comes to Benjamin Farther. Through Benjamin, Marilyn is finding out what true friendship, loyalty & love really look like. Benjamin is an amazing character with a lot of character and poise for a teenage boy, I absolutely adore him. less
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Great story. Super cute quick read. I loved every second.
I love a bit of high school drama! Very sweet YA story.
Cute story just wish it was a longer novel
who would love Ben
I loved this book
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