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Dying For Beauty (2012)

by Todd Strasser(Favorite Author)
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3551311005 (ISBN13: 9783551311009)
review 1: I really enjoyed Kill You Last. I enjoyed the book because it was fast paced and the ending had enough of a twist that I didn't know who the suspect could have been. There was a plot- three missing teenaged girls who had aspirations of becoming models and a subplot- the heroine in the story, Shelby is receiving threatening text messages after the girls disappear because her father had photographed all three of the girls. I don't want to tell too much because I really enjoyed this book and think that others who enjoy mysteries and are looking for a quick read will appreciate this so, sorry no spoilers...well, maybe one. I wouldn't quite give the book 4 stars because there should have been something about missing and exploited kids in the end of the book so that teens might ... morebe aware of scams and other situations that could be dangerous. The three missing girls had been scammed by Shelby's creepy dad because he lost lots of money and was trying to maintain a lifestyle that he could no longer afford. So, he made them promises that they could be models and never found them work.
review 2: Wow, wow, wow, this one was intense and I definitely didn't see the ending coming. This entire trilogy was fun. It wasn't something I had planned on picking up and frankly, I had read the first one months ago and then forgot about it until I came across the second book and remembered it was a set. Each book can be read as a stand-alone though so it was nice knowing that. I can't wait to look into other books by Todd Strasser. less
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Great thriller, plus the narrator has to deal with some major issues.
I love this book to death... 10000000000/10! It's a super thriller!!!
Sadly disappointing. Wont'e be reading anymore of his books.
review to come!
3.5 Stars
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