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A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk In Search Of A Country, A Pint, And The Next Tee (2009)

by Tom Coyne(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
1592404243 (ISBN13: 9781592404247)
review 1: This is a pretty great book even if you are not a golfer. It is a fun read as the author walks and golfs the whole perimeter of Ireland wearing the same pair of shoes the whole way. Over 1000 miles of walking. He visits lots of pubs and has many outrageous adventures besides playing the amazing golf courses. Anyone who enjoys a travel book, golfing, or just reading about good times will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.
review 2: Tom walked around the perimeter of Ireland with golf clubs on his back - played some 56 links courses, met up with friends and relatives, braved extreme weather, narrow roads and roving dogs and had one heck of an unfortunate incident in one B&B - and captured it all with wit and understated writing. I would dock this at least half
... more a star for the paucity of photos included (and he described people taking pictures at various points) - the black and white snaps don't do this justice. Inexplicable.I really like golf and armchair adventure travel so this book was a very satisfying read for me. Detailed enough but with some opportunities to read between the lines(and laugh out loud). He balanced the consumption of Guinness with a steadfast discipline in not taking rides or shortcuts so I really commend the author for accomplishing this daunting (but rewaerding in a once in a lifetime sense!) undertaking. And I'm glad he didn't hurl his clubs out to sea when it was all over, but found a better idea.More than just a golf book it's a bittersweet connection with his past and a roaming adventure in Ireland, hemmed in by T-times but freewheeling just the same. less
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This book was more "golf-y" than I anticipated, still it was fun to walk Ireland with him.
Fun as a travelogue but there was too much golf for my taste.
I laughed throughout until the end and then I -- cried.
Made me laugh out loud. Many times. Just what I needed!
A delightful book.
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