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Random (2014)

by Tom Leveen(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 6
1442499567 (ISBN13: 9781442499560)
Simon Pulse
review 1: This book was so addicting and easy to read! I loved the honesty and confusion and anger. Tori is hard to like sometimes but so isn't Andy. It seems like an honest portrayal of a girl who just got too caught up in trying to be cool and went along with everything until something awful happens! I couldn't imagine being in this position, it's weird to contemplate if tori or any cyber bullies are actually guilty of murder or not. This is a very grey area, but it's so interesting!
review 2: This book was really surprising. It was pretty good though. Even though everyone says that Tori is the bad guy in the story I don't see it. Tori is just someone who was confused and dealing with peer pressure and a flaw that most people have. A need to fit in and be accepted. Wha
... moret she did was wrong but it wasn't like she was the one who made all t hose awful jokes. Sure she didn't do anything to stop them, and she didn't console him but what she did wasn't as bad as everyone else. Honestly I'm not sure why everyone targeted her. She was the least of the evils. less
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I would have given it five stars if it hadn't of sworn an average of once a page
Super fast read that draws you in from the first page.
What a great read!!
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