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The Renegades (2012)

by Tom Young(Favorite Author)
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0399158464 (ISBN13: 9780399158469)
Putnam Adult
Michael Parson & Sophia Gold
review 1: The third Afghan-based adventure of LTC Mike Parsons and SMAJ Sophia Gold is a grade A techno-thriller with lots of flying and interesting detail about the medical support end of the war. A break-away Taliban group targets Western and Afghan medical assistance for disaster victims (in this case an earthquake), and targets young Afghan boys as recruit fodder. Parsons, an advisor to Afghan helicopter crews, and Gold, his friend and interpreter, are in the thick of it.
review 2: Tom Young previously wrote under the name Thomas W. Young. (The Mullah's Storm and Silent Enemy) His stories are becoming more tightly written as is his name. His characters are becoming less stiff and more lifelike. His stories continue to evolve with more effective action scenes and g
... morereater character depth. The Renegades presents two sides of the warrior's dilemma.The book recounts the soldier's desire to fight, to lash out, to end the conflict by crushing the enemy. This is best personified in Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson, a battle scared veteran who is training the U.S.'s Afghan allies in combat operations flying Russian built helicopters. It also shows the need to help others through understanding and providing aid and comfort. This role is effectively filled by U.S. Army Sergeant Major Sophia Gold. Her unique role as an interpreter and a jump qualified airborne veteran are tempered by her understanding and feelings for the victims of the terrorists. The humanity is not weighted down however with political correctness. The book is full of action. The author's background with the Air National Guard provides a rich basis for the dramatic descriptions of aerial action and hot, lead filled ground actions. This book provided for review by the well read folks at Library Thing and G.P.Putnam's Sons. less
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Excellent saga and continuation of lives of Michael Parson and Sophia Gold in Afghanistan.
currently reading but looks pretty good cant wait to start another of his books
War. Ugh.
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