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Der Nebelmann (2012)

by Tomi Ungerer(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
3257011342 (ISBN13: 9783257011340)
review 1: Grade Level: K-3Length: 144 pgsSummary: Finn and Cara who live on a farm in Ireland venture out in the sea. When the fog moves in their real adventure begins. They meet the Fog Man, but will they make it back home from this "evil" island? Recommendations or Comments: I enjoyed the simple but detailed illustrations. A short book, that has an ending which is almost identical to the opening of my favorite book. Gray is the main color on every page. Whether the situation is happy or intense, the color palette gives this story a somber and moody feel. It has a folk tale feel to it. Older kids might enjoy expanding the story too. I would recommend folks to check it out.Stars: 4 of 5Reviewed By: Emily K.
review 2: I liked the mood/tone of this strange story abou
... moret two children who venture out to Fog Island in spite of their father's warning. There they meet the wizard-like Fog Man. The illustrations capture the loneliness and spookiness of the journey to the island. It creates a legend/ghost story type feeling. I also liked the mystery of whether or not it was real when the kids wake up in the midst of ruins instead of the Fog Man's castle. However, the ending was bizarre and kind of gross. less
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thick paper and lovely illustrations. seemed like a folk tale in some ways.
Mysteriously strange or strangely mysterious? Beautiful and odd.
I loved this wonderfully illustrated tale of the Fog Man.
kinda weird...but I like weird. Loved the illustrations.
Very mysterious and fun read. Great illustrations too!
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