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El Hombre Niebla (2013)

by Tomi Ungerer(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 2
8496646912 (ISBN13: 9788496646919)
review 1: None of us liked it. I picked it up because the cover image is so striking, and I'd just been saying I'd like to live on a cool, damp, northen island. But I didn't like the illustrations, I wasn't at all sure whether this was supposed to be set in the present or some former, folksyier time, and some elements really bothered us. Seeing a guy holding a rabbit by it's ears? Bad boy! Rabbits are pets to us, not food so much. The fog creation with the sciency explanation? No, no, no, no, no. And the hair in the soup? Gag me with a spoon.One of the very few impulse-check-outs that both the girls and I agree was utterly unappealing and vaguely disturbing in a bad way.Library copy.
review 2: "And there in the distance, miles offshore, Fog Island loomed like a jagged bl
... moreack tooth." Is it a mystery? Is it a lesson on evaporation? Perhaps a ghost story? A tale of survival? Or, just maybe, it is all of these. Go on an adventure with Finn and Cara to Fog Island... I think what I enjoyed most about this read was the feel of it. No not the mood it created but the literal feel of it. The copy I held was made of thick page stock that had me rubbing my fingers over the pages as I turned them. I very much liked the books layout and while I was not particularly impressed with the art work (I know, I know he is considered a genius of an illustrator) I did very much like the Art Nouveau styling. Now that I think about it the illustration style, the color choices and that wonderful thick paper actually did set the mood for the story (genius after all). less
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Read this for the mood and the illustrations - the story, though spooky, is slight.
Engaging and suspenseful tale. Not too scarey and all's well in the end.
Great for story time.
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