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Love Finds You In Wildrose, North Dakota (2012)

by Tracey Bateman(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 1
1609365925 (ISBN13: 9781609365929)
Summerside Press
review 1: Evidently, there are a whole series of "Love Finds You" books, although written by many authors. The publisher has said they want to base a book in each state of the union. This is a historical romance based in the late 1800s in Wildrose, N.D. The story of a sister who travels to ND to stay with her married twin following the death of her father, tells of a woman who finds sorrow, independence, adventure and love. A quick read that is totally enjoyable.
review 2: The book was interesting. It took me a few chapters to get into it but in the end it was a very good story."Rosemary Jackson has traveled all the way to the frozen tundra of North Dakota territory to visit her twin sister, Rachel. It's been three long years since Rachel left Kansas with her new husband
... more for this wild place. But Rosemary arrives to find only a grave, a grieving brother-in-law, and an underfed baby. She has not choice but to stay and see er sister's family through the long winter. Finn Tate has just buried his beloved wife, and he cannot seem to take care of himself or his infant daughter. He needs help. But he cannot stand the sight of Rosemary, who reminds him so much of Rachel, standing at his cook stove. When Rosemary settles into a neighboring homestead. Finn realizes she is far more strong-willed than he ever anticipated. But after a series of mishaps on Rosemary's property threaten her livelihood, it becomes clear that Finn is not the only one who wants her to go back to Kansas. When the wildflowers arrive with the spring, will Rosemary be forced to leave everything she's come to love in Wildrose, North Dakota?"Back of Book less
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Predictable, fluffy romance. (That means I liked it)
I loved this book. Very interesting, and clean too!
fantastic book!
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