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Eisiger Kuss: Aeternus 1 (2009)

by Tracey O'Hara(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
Fahrenheit Books
Dark Brethren
review 1: Starts with violent action. Slowed by made-up words and acronyms for para(normal) human organizations requiring glossary, dreams, and supererogatory back story details. Official agency "donator" is really hot-blooded double-service prostitute, though she thinks rejecting extra tip denies definition. More violence segues into x-rated coupling. Here lies satisfaction if you're in the mood for invigorating stimulation, in-knowledge of acronym-ious vocabulary. More emotion is invested in Viktor's dog, than the only close family left brother who drops out of the story forgotten, or the long-dead father suddenly returns. Not my current interests.Guild bounty hunter "Venator" Antoinette confronts again both savior and enemy from sixteen years ago. Vampire "Aeternus" Christian "Cr... moreimson Executioner" rescued her and brother Nic. Her first response as an adult is always to lash out, not my idea of hero. Killer vampire "Necrodreniac" Dane murderered their mother Marianna. He proves he is more powerful, why does Antoinette go after him alone? Again, foolish, not heroic. Quibble: The mastermind is not "human". An "Old One" is usually not. Added "Abomination" blood makes him not human anymore, despite birth. (Spoiler: I guessed Lucian was a traitor. I think the only clue was the logic of plot development. I won't re-read to find out.) Typos:p48 dog "tale" is "tail"p68 in tight jeans "she" was able to hold back is "he" "Excerpt" on website is just the first page blub, one of Antoinette's nightmares.
review 2: The story had lots of potential and flowed well, but I didn't warm to the main characters, they just annoyed the hell out me. I didn't feel the chemistry between them and I kept wondering why are they together now?!It's normal for a character to have issues but it really bugs me when the heroine who's prejudiced against vamps suddenly get over it pretty quick for a little undead nookie but then suddenly it's all 'oooh he's an undead bloodsucker who kills people!'. Until the next time she can't resist shagging him again. Bloody make up your mind, either you hate him or you don't!! less
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I only made it a few chapters in before I got sick of Antoinette. She's kind of a terrible person.
I loved this book such a swesome read it had me from start to finish
Night's Cold Kiss: A Dark Brethren Novel by Tracey O'hara (2009)
Thoroughly enjoyed. Great spin on the Vampire lore.
Loved it,can't wait for the next book
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