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The Final Wish: Hot Down Under (2012)

by Tracey O'Hara(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I decided to get this because it was a recommendation from another author. Let me start by saying I usually try to stay away from novellas unless it is in conjunction with a series. I believe that novellas alone are usually rushed and more than not are unfinished. Now with that said I enjoyed the story line and thought it was creative. I liked the characters from what little was written. However this is just a novella so when I started to really get to know them the story was over and I felt disappointed. I like genies and I think I have always liked the mystery that surrounds them. I like thought of receiving my wishes. The only thing I am a little unsure of is the slave status and again still up in the air.I enjoyed the ending and I hope she continues on with the brother... more. I would have gotten this no matter what however just know it is a novella and not a regular length novel.
review 2: I love genies and this is a gorgeous genie story.Ishari is a Djinn who's attracted to her Master, Caleb. Caleb is a generous, kind man, worthy of a genie. He's used 2 of his 3 wishes to look after his brother and Ishari wants him to use his third wish for himself - but not too soon because then she'll lose him.Tracey O'Hara writes brilliant dark stories (I've loved the Dark Brethren stories - Night's Cold Kiss, Death's Sweet Embrace and Sin's Dark Caress). In the third book, Sin's Dark Caress, her faeries are light and fun, which surprised me. The Final Wish: Hot Down Under continues with this light, fun writing and it's every bit as brilliant as the dark stuff.Disclaimer: I'm in a writing group with Tracey O'Hara but I earn nothing from her stories, except the enjoyment of reading them. less
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Ok, the premise was really silly but it was hot and sweet so I can deal.
Very saucy, but a bit too short to do the characters justice. 3.5 stars
I wish this was a full-fledged novel!
A short but sexy tale.
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