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Maintenance Night (2012)

by Trent Evans(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 3
Tritium Press
review 1: Maintenance Night was a quick, hot read. This is a BDSM book involving a married couple and I haven't come across those often. I enjoy reading about that sort of dynamic.I love an alpha-male and we certainly get one within these pages. Love, sadism, masochism, hot sex all packed into a tight short story. Certainly fun! I love that it was written by a man; often these books are written by a female and I really enjoyed discovering the small and slight variations in perspective.
review 2: This book is hot from start to finish. I was sucked in immediately and was literally panting by page three. The writing is crisp and clean-- Trent Evans weaves the internal conflict deftly into vivid sex and punishment scenes. The sadism of the punishment is so perfectly balance
... mored with love and sexual satisfaction that it never crosses the line into too much. I simply loved this little book and would recommend it to any spanko! less
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That was a hot read, I enjoyed the writing style & will definitely read this author again.
Pretty good. Will keep an eye out for anything else he writes.
What a great hot short read!
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