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De Jacht Op De Mona Lisa (2000)

by Tricia Goyer(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I hate to give a book a poor review but this was pretty awful. Perhaps I went into it with a bad attitude. I recently read The Monuments Men and wasn't really interested in delving into a story that was but a mere shadow of that fascinating saga. At any rate, this book failed to hook me and it never got any better. Forgive the spoiler but, if you knew a painting was in imminent danger of bring stolen by the Nazis - that the thieves were likely to appear at any moment - would you really sit down to a leisurely dinner when you had the ability to spirit away the painting and keep it safe? Come on. Stupid plot twist. The characters weren't particularly well developed either (although I believe there may have been a previous work that introduced them - perhaps the were fleshed ... moreout better in that one???). I just can't find anything good to write about it.
review 2: If you don’t know much about the Second World War, or even if you do, Chasing Mona Lisa will present to you a different slant on how things were. Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey take the reader into the drama and danger of the time when Nazi Germany was overpowering Europe and laying claim to all the wealth they wanted.Hitler’s Germany had overrun France, and some over-zealous prominent military officials were determined to add to their private collections as much valued artwork as they could.We meet the famous Louvre’s curator who is responsible for priceless art treasures sought by the above-mentioned officials. We also meet spies, a few members of the Resistance group determined to get their country – and their country’s art treasures – back, some other interesting characters who round out the story, and a convincing glimpse into World War II.Chasing Mona Lisa holds the reader’s interest from the beginning to the end. It is impossible to tell who of the two authors, Tricia Goyer or Mike Yorkey, wrote which part. It is a well-delivered story, full of tension, excitement, faith, hope, drama, intrigue, suspense, and there are history lessons to be learned amid the fiction built around the facts. The reader gets drawn into a time of war, and introduced to situations where there is theft, kidnapping, a little romance, deception, blackmail, and more.I found Chasing Mona Lisa to be a fast-paced book, one I was eager to pick up again after short periods away from my reading. I had to know what was going to happen next! And my guess is you will, too. :) less
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During the liberation of France, our heroes try to save the Mona Lisa from the Germans.
I enjoyed this. The characters were believable and the plot moved along well.
Not my usual read. Was glad just to finish it.
Easy reading
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