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Forged In Ash (2014)

by Trish McCallan(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
1612185347 (ISBN13: 9781612185347)
Red-Hot SEALs
review 1: The second in the "Red-Hot SEALs" series. I enjoyed the first one, and "Forged in Ash" was a fun read as well.Kait Winchester and Marcus Simcosky (aka "Cosky") have been dancing around their mutual attraction for some years. But to Cosky, Kait's off-limits since she's his buddy's little sister. However, his injuries lead him back to her door, and Kait's determined to find out if there's any chance for a real relationship with a guy who doesn't know the meaning of the word. Lots and lots of heat is the result.But Cosky's SEAL team is the target of numerous threats -- the government wants to put them in jail, and someone else is trying to silence them. So there's tons of action and suspense for the all the guys, and we meet a few new characters: Wolf, Faith, and the mysterio... moreus Jillian.It did take me a while to get into the story, but once it gets going, it takes you right along with it. The guys are hot, but they're decent and caring as well. Kait's a great heroine -- she's a very strong woman who is ready to fight for what she wants. My only quibble...it ends very abruptly, but I'm assuming that it will pick right back up in the next story.
review 2: This was the second book in the Forged series. The story line with the bad guys was more developed in this book. And the character development for the bad guys in this story was more complex...they loved and have/had families but were completely cold blooded killers.The romantic development between Cosky and Kait was, well, lacking. Other than an intense and obsessive sexual attraction there wasn't any romantic development until the end when Cosky started to observe her personal character traits and decide he respected them and was willing to put himself out there to develop a relationship. And what she sees in Cosky is rather a mystery considering what a jackass he was.The character of Jill (Russ's sister) developed well and you can almost see her becoming more human (through out most of the book she was a zombie like character intent on revenging the deaths of her babies...and it's still a mystery how she survived being shot).The sexual tension Mac feels toward Amy continues. Again, it's the same type of relationship that Cosky and Kait have. I'd like to see it develop into a friendship where they can actually appreciate each other first. Also, it's a mystery to me how Amy feels toward Mac considering she lost her husband and the father of her child. That part of the story has never been developed.The suspense continues to build. Who is the one pulling the strings. As the net becomes smaller, how are they going to catch and punish the bad guy(s)? This is what earned the second book 4 stars and I cannot wait for, what I hope to be, the conclusion. less
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Awesome SEALS series. Trish McCallan writes some terrific stories that leave you wanting more.
fast paced book! I could not put it down!! Great characters! Great series!
hot SEAL , an lovely indulgent read
DNF at 42%...
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