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Winter Omens (2012)

by Trisha Leigh(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 5
147828787X (ISBN13: 9781478287872)
The Last Year
review 1: Trisha Leigh continues to keep me amazed with this young adult series. I love how you fall in love with each character and hold your breath when things get tough. This is the second book in the series. Althea is separated from Lucas and on the run. Along the way she runs into Pax. Pax is autumn. And there is an instant attraction to him considering his attitude. I love how you can feel the turmoil that Althea goes through with having an attraction to Pax and missing Lucas so bad. And it's amazing to watch the relationship between Althea and Pax unfold along their stressful journey together. Pax wants to go back to Portland from Des Moines. And all Althea wants to do is fine Lucas. Pax is being difficult though and Althea doesn't know if she can get him on their side to hel... morep fight the Others. I won't write anymore for fear of putting spoilers in this. This book is very suspenseful and full of surprises. If you've read the first book, then you know this one is worth reading as well! It only gets better from here! I give this book 5 stars!
review 2: Once again Leigh has done it again. This is a great series and have enjoyed every page of each book. While the first book was slow paced and had little action, this book was fast paced and had more action. I enjoyed how Althea grew into being confident and being a strong leader, and actually kicking butt like none other. I also like that I was able to experience the growth of each character, especially Althea and Pax, seeing and feeling all the emotions they felt. Each character grew on me and I missed Lucas and his comfort, support, trust, and confidence. Each scene in this book is vividly painted with such detail; you could see it in clear detail in your mind. Now, back to the characters.... Griffin.... oi I have mixed feelings about him. He's over confident, arrogant and cocky. But then, he is willing to aid Althea and Pax. I am still hesitant about him, trying to figure out what his angle is. His sister, Greer, on the other hand I do like. She's a smart-mouth, but she has good intentions and I welcome her friendship with Althea. Pax, wow he is an interesting character. He is confident, flirtatious, and headstrong. He doesn't like having help and wants to show that he is capable of doing things alone. This pisses me off because it seems that he thinks he's better than everyone. Luckily, he shows more of his true self throughout the book and he grows on you. Sometimes he made me pissed especially when he left Althea and ran just to save his own hide. Thankfully, he redeemed himself at the end and NO, I'm not going to SPOIL this book by saying what happens. You'll just have to read and find out yourself. This was a smooth quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. less
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Book#2 read very disjointed and sloppy. I also abhor lame Twilight-y love triangles.
Aah, the first one had an interesting premise but this one just fell flat. :/
Fast paced read. The big picture is starting to come into focus.
I can not wait to read the third book! great series.
Very, very interesting!
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