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The Mammoth Book Of Paranormal Romance 2 (2010)

by Trisha Telep(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
1849013705 (ISBN13: 9781849013703)
Running Press & Constable Robinson
review 1: I was surprised some of the stories ended up here since I felt they didn't have romance in them. Oh well. Like all anthologies, some catch you at the first sentence, others leave you bored. The ones I read and liked (at least a little):Princes of Dominion-Huh. Historical, not sure where it is set. Not a world that I would want to live in. This is an angel story (not that big on these). The angel falls in love with a woman and falls (of course they do!). Spirit of the Prairie-This was one of my favorites. However, very little romance in this one. A smidgeon (and that's generous). I liked the Native American background. Ending was a bit abrupt- I wanted more. The Demon's Secret-Lots of action. Interesting.Zola's Pride-I really like this series (and need to get c... moreaught up)The Gauntlet-It's a Karen Chance story. What else can I say?The Majestic-I have the Shadowchaser books from this author sitting in my TBR pile and I'm excited to read more.
review 2: If I had to pick one word to describe this book, it would be "Boring."For the most part, this book was a snoozer. There really wasn't much romance to it, which is very surprising due to the title. This book was definitely a disappointment. While I admit that I prefer novels to short stories, I do read shorts expecting to find several (or at least more than one) authors I would like to read more of. In this case, I only found one story that I wanted to explore further, and the author hasn't written anything more of interest.Some of the stories were simply confusing, set in worlds or situations that made no sense without knowing a back story. Others left me staring off into space wondering, "Why would someone even bother to write that? I don't get it."I kept reading through the whole book, hoping to find something good to read, but I never did. less
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very few of the stories were good. what a waste of four dollars.
A serious lack of romance overall. Disappointing.
Struggled to finish this book
I liked this compilation.
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