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The Girl Of The Wish Garden: A Thumbelina Story (2013)

by Uma Krishnaswami(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
155498324X (ISBN13: 9781554983247)
Groundwood Books
review 1: The girl of the wish garden, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “Thumbelina”. This story was created in response to the gorgeous award-winning art of Nasrin Khosravi. Khosravi layered acrylic and tissue on paper images are richly colored with gold, red and teals. According to the author’s note, the story of this book is driven by the illustrations.Lina’s mother finds her in a “silken flower in a garden of wishes, where the birds sang wild and the winds blew free” singing to her that she’s a “child of wildness, child of freedom”, Lina is no bigger than a thumb. So, her mother worries, “for many dangers wait upon a girl”. A giant frog captured Lina and kept her in a pond. Lina sings a magical song to forth fish to help her to release. Al... morel summer Lina lived in the forest but soon the season shifted to winter, she yearned for the warmth of another living soul. She found a house of kind mouse and she stared living with that mouse. One day Lina finds an injured swallow. She revives the swallow and the two of them fly together to the garden of wishes.I love dreamlike illustrations, it’s so pretty, which set the tone for the story, which begins in a garden where dreams and time “can shift and change”.
review 2: While the detailed and layered acrylic and tissue paper illustrations are lovely, I found them hard to see or enter into. Their dense delicate nature was in stark contrast to the very white facing pages. The story, based on Thumbalina, is dreamlike and vague. Why is she able to recussitate the swallow, why does the swallow leave, who is the guy she suddenly takes up with, does she ever see her mom again. less
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This is one of the most beautifully illustrated children's book I've ever had the pleasure to read!
This book is so exquisite I just keep looking at it.
A story based on Thumbelina.
Amazing illustrations!
Summer #bookaday 27
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