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Attack Of The Ninja Frogs (2010)

by Ursula Vernon(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 4
0803733658 (ISBN13: 9780803733657)
review 1: A fun addition to the Dragonbreath series. In this second book, Danny is going through an obsession with all things ninja and Kung fu. Much to his dismay, his best friend Wendell seems to be involved in a romantic relationship with an exchange student from Japan, Suki. The boys find out that Suki is descended from ninja ancestors and is being followed by ninja frogs as a result. It is their job to enlist the help of the Geckos of the Golden Chrysanthemum to save the day and rid Ski of her ninja followers. Funny, with great illustrations. Sure to be a hit to grade schoolers everywhere.
review 2: I love anything and everything Ursula Vernon writes, and the Dragonbreath series is no exception, but even for my baseline level of love, this was awesome. Attack
... moreof the Ninja Frogs is smart, funny, genre-savvy, educational (you learn ninja and samurai facts!), and just all around fun, with a pitch-perfect young boy voice and some really hilarious jokes. The potato salad from the first book makes a brief reappearance, which filled me with joy. One note: the drawings are an integral part of the text, not just illustrations. If you skip over them while reading you will miss things. But if you read right through and take the illustrations as they come, it'll be much easier and more fun.Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended. *cuddles book* less
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this book is mysteries about ninja frogs!!!!!!!!!!!
Good boys book. Funny
Awesome sauce
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