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Revenge Of The Horned Bunnies (2012)

by Ursula Vernon(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 4
0803736770 (ISBN13: 9780803736771)
review 1: I just finished reading Dragonbreath: Revenge of the Horned Bunnies this book is about Danny going to camp Jackalope with his friends Wendell and Christiana and his annoying cousin Spencer. They seemed to all like it because of the horses,lakes to swim in, and campfires! But Danny and Wendell were getting suspicious about Spencer they follow him to the place he goes secretly, they figure out Spencer had a pet jackalope (a mythical animal known to the campers and counselors) and Lenny is a counselor but he captures jackalopes to sell to buyers. Will Danny help all the captured jackalopes in time you'll find out if you read the book. One way I'm like Danny is I like to play video games also another way I'm like Danny is I've been to a camp. The thing I like about this book i... mores Vernon describes emotion in a good way one part I know is when Danny was all excited he talking about all the fun they'll have about going to camp jackalope but when Spencer came he turned completely sad and a bit mad he was thinking in his head o boy now my super fun camp is ruined because of Spencer! it's like thunderstorms in his head. My favorite part is towards the end of the book it is about Danny and Wendell free the jackalopes from their cage and get rid of the ugly counselor Lenny by all the jackalopes use their horns to poke him away from camp jackalope,I give this book five stars it was amazing I would give this book to someone who likes adventure.
review 2: Madcap adventures of Danny Dragonbreath and his friends at a Western-themed camp with an ominous undercurrent of nefarious activity. The matter-of-fact witty writing continues, as does the mix of illustration and text. One of the most fun young reader series that I've run across. I appreciate that even when the series has an underlying lesson (like "be nice to your cousin Spencer, he looks up to you"), Ursula Vernon credits her readers enough to draw the conclusion themselves through the events rather than bludgeoning the audience with the moral. less
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the drawing of the young jackalope is one of the firearm things I've ever seen.
Three words: BEST SERIES EVER!!!
Real captivating
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