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Dani Bocafuego (2011)

by Ursula Vernon(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 1
8424635930 (ISBN13: 9788424635930)
La Galera
review 1: Danny the (not-currently-firebreathing) dragon takes his best friend on a field trip to the ocean to do research for a paper. Danny is fierce, naive, and a bit of a slacker, but seems to have the best intentions at heart and makes an attempt to be a good friend unlike some other currently popular books. I would recommend it to a reader who still really likes illustrations and comics, but is attempting to wean themselves off graphic novels, as this book has brief comic panels interspersed with chapters of text.
review 2: I wanted to read this because Ursula Vernon was the first person I ever watched on deviantart.com. Her art is beautiful, unique, and humorous. Plus, how can you go wrong with dragons?I liked the book, but I think it was a strange mix of a childr
... moreen's book and a young adult book. I felt like much of the writing was meant for young adults rather than children, but a lot of the adventure and characters and story were meant for children. I'm not sure how I feel about the mix. I think the drawings, though cute, were a bit too sketchy for me to enjoy completely. I did like how Vernon put a lot of true information about the sea in this book to help kids learn things in a fun way. Those are the best kinds of children's/young adult books! less
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Pretty good! Not as much action as I would have preferred, but still, DRAGONS ARE AWESOME!!! XD
another series my second grader shared with me. love love love
Highly amusing, looking forward to the sequel.
it was funny and adventures :)
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