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La Fille Du Souffleur De Verre (2010)

by V. Briceland(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
2896670769 (ISBN13: 9782896670765)
The Cassaforte Chronicles
review 1: Though this Middle Grade novel started slow and was riddled with tedious detail, I still LOVED it!The heroin was worthy of our adoration as was her brave, kind, and refreshingly happy hero. The storyline was simple, yet honest and although I easily guessed the Ah-ha Moment chapters before it happened, there was enough twists to make me wonder what else would happen.I normally would give a predictable read like this one less stars, but it was really well written and had great characters, and even better it was clean (besides a few cuss words). If I'd read it when I was young I would have adored it.4 1/2 stars.
review 2: Fair warning: Spoilers ahead I read this upon seeing one of my favourite authors give it 5 stars. I kept thinking it would get better but.... N
... moreo such luck. Yes, it's a childrens book, but that doesnt excuse poor writing, plot, and character development. I guess my main issue was that the protagonist was lackluster at best. She's supposed to be a feminist at heart, self-reliant in tough situations. While she certainly seems impulsive (to the point of outright stupidity), I can't name an example of her reliability. She happened to be at the right place at the right time to blow a freaking horn (oh so brave). She 'saves' a beggar by jumping into a river that wouldve killed them both if the conveniently handsome guard hadnt saved them both. The final revelation of her awesome powers is only because she has a temper tantrum that reveals a twist that any 5 year old couldve predicted after her brother made the comment about the book... I mean, really? There's supposedly supposed to be some kind of character development that's supposed to happen, but development implies progression. She suddenly realizes she loves the guard - Boom, they'll be together forever. She frees her father - Boom, hes cool with her being independent and marrying a commoner. She rescues a beggar - Boom, hes the exact person they need. Everything just falls on her lap while the other characters coo about how great and perfect she is (except that she has the horrid quality of being 'a little too rash'). The gods think shes the best thing since sliced bread! Minstrels fallin love her at first glance! She highborn, but she doesnt have all those inconvenient prejudices. She's s feminist before feminism existed, but she must have her man by her side to guide her through her troubles. Yet shes so capable and self-reliant? I call BS. She's a Mary Sue that ruins a really cool conceptual world. less
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Kept my attention and had some interesting parts. Probably wouldn't reread it though.
I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.........it had a very good story!
This is a world I would definitely enjoy revisiting.
I liked this book. Colorful
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